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Lindholme Motor Sports Club

Alexander Calder Financial Challenge - Round 4

21st May 2020 - EMAMC Quiz - CANCELLED

Replaced By

27th May 2020

Lindholme Online Table Top Rally

Event Information

The ACF Challenge was due to nclude the EMAMC Quiz as a round for the first time, but has the event has been cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. It has now been replaced by an online table top rally run by Lindholme MSC's Chris Brown. See below for details.

Date:                   Wednesday 27th May
Time:                  Starts at 8pm prompt
You’ll need:        Map 111, romer, pencils, magnifier, etc
                            PC (or whatever) with Google Street View

Here’s how you compete:-

  • You must pre-register by emailing your name, club and email address to Chris on  
  • Chris will acknowledge all entries by email
  • At 8pm Chris will email out your time cards, handouts and answer sheet.
  • You map the route from the handouts which are all Tulips and Spot Heights (SH)
  • The route will use coloured roads only.
  • There are 2 map references to get you started.
  • The route will include roads that would not be used in a ‘proper’ road rally.
  • The shortest route not always the route being used.
  • Where there is a SH is on the route instructions it is used as a 'via'/way point in between the tulips.
  • Where there is a SH with a Q and a number, this indicates a question you need to answer.
  • There are a total of 12 questions, all on map 111.
  • Each answer will be found on Google Maps by looking at street view in the close vicinity of the spot height on the map.
  • If Google has 2 different-dated versions of a particular point, you’ll be given the month/year of the version with the correct answer. 
  • To finish, e-mail Chris your answer sheet, or just email him a list of the question numbers and your answers.    

Scoring system:-

  • 5 points for each correct answer, and
  • 1 point for the correct total of all the spot heights in the questions.
  • Time allowed – penalty-free - 90 minutes
  • Lateness penalty - 1 point for every 5 minutes lateness (or part of) over the 90 minutes.
  • The winner will be the person with the most points
  • Any ties will be decided by ‘first back back wins’ – based on the time received as stated on Chris’s computer
  • Organiser's decision is final, even if you think he's blatantly wrong! 
If anyone needs any further information they can contact Chris via email on or ring him on 07773495025

Event Regulations
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