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Worksop Motor Club

Alexander Calder Financial Challenge - Round 4

9th May 2017

Flat Green Bowling - Worksop Motor Club

Event Information

Hot Food

Pie & Peas suppers are available on the night - 3.50 per person, and last orders 19.30 pm. The Arena's catering people need to know (approximate) numbers beforehand. So - if you would like a good portion of Pie & Peas, please let me have names and numbers by Wednesday 3rd May so I can pass it on.

WDMC's Bowls night.
Date: Tuesday 9th May 2017
Venue: North Notts Arena, Eastgate, Worksop S80 1QS
Parking: Free
Start Time: 7.30 pm start PROMPT - please arrive by 7.00 to collect your shoes and bowls. - please arrive before 7.30 if you want to order hot food - see above
Finish: 10pm
Cost: 4 per bowler (2 hours bowling) , including shoes and bowls Spectators: Free entry Food: Available on a pay-for-yourself basis - last orders at 7.30pm
Drinks: Available on a pay-for-yourself basis
Event Format 19.30 - 20.00 - practice 20.00 - 21.00 - the Challenge event 21.30 - 22.00 - results

The Challenge event Numbers & Format
This will depend on how many competitors turn up from each club. A maximum of 4 bowlers per club will compete for ACFC points. One bowler per club plays on each rink - i.e. a maximum of 20 bowlers - each throwing (?) 3 Bowls. (The original idea of 2 bowlers per rink per club is too crowded for the venue) The practice session will allow each club to select who will play in the Challenge for them. If any club turns out less than 4 bowlers (eg - assume one club only has 2 or 3 competitors) - then we have 2 options - (ideally) they "borrow" members from the other clubs to make their numbers up to 4, or The ACF Challenge event just runs on 2 or 3 rinks, with 1 player from each club on each rink. (the other bowlers can play on the remaining link(s), but not for Challenge points). Playing system Competitors will initially compete over 5 ends This number may be increased if time allows, but Challenge scores will be assessed over an equal number of ends for each rink (eg the first 4, or the first 6, as time permits). The jack is set up as in normal bowls. Taking turns, competitors bowl each of their 3 bowls If the jack is hit into the ditch, it's location is marked with a pointer and play continues. Scoring system - ACFC Rules - the rule book re-written! Hitting the jack with your bowl has no scoring advantage It is the final resting place of the jack and each bowl which counts. When all bowls have been bowled, the distance of each bowl from the jack is assessed by the players. All bowls which ended up in the ditch (for whatever reason!) score nil points. The nearest-the-jack bowl from each player counts for points - from 5 down to 1 An operative with a measuring device will be available if it's too close for the players to call In the event of an equi-distant tie, scores will be shared (eg 5,5,3,2,1, or 5, 4 3,3,1) Players on each rink will be responsible for agreeing and marking their scores on the sheet provided When play finishes, the score sheets will be handed in to the organisers. Scores for each player will be calculated. The highest 2 scores from each club will win points in the ACF Challenge in the usual manner. We aim to announce provisional results on the night, subject to subsequent double checking if needed.

Event Regulations
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