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S&HMC 460 Scatter Championship - Round 1
ACF Challenge Round 2

22nd March 2017

The One-Ten Scatter

Event Information

New for 2017, the Sheffield & Hallamshire 460 Scatter Championship takes place over 5 rounds throughout the year. The first four each take place on one of the maps surrounding Sheffield. Each with different navigation, and lasting 2 hours, these events will be similar in principal to the Postman Scatters of recent years. The final round will last much longer, and will take place across all four of the maps around Sheffield - 110, 111, 119, and 120. All competitors must have at least a sporting membership of Sheffield & Hallamshire Motor Club to take part. There will be separate championships for drivers and navigators.

This event will also form part of the ACF Challenge.

Event Regulations

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Final Results

Championship Standings after Round 1

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